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We are Australia’s leading group of licensed physicians.

We Recognise the Need for People to Feel Safe

The College of Physicians is one of Australian leading physician community. Our legacy of top-notch medical experts who continuously provide the best medical standards makes us stand out. We do not compromise our standards which continues to lead the medical industry into more groundbreaking records and activities.

We are change agents and leaders. We bridge gaps in not only patient care but also academia and administration. We recognise the need for people to feel safe and comfortable with the information you see online.

This information is what could be the difference between life and death. And this is why we have taken it upon ourselves to provide you access to different kinds of medical information and services to suit your various needs and application.

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What We Offer

As one of the leading physician community, we are a group of physicians who offer medical consulting services and access to accurate medical information. We have researched the industry for reliable data and information and present you with the best services and skilled personnel that can attend to various medical issues.

The College of Physicians is a diverse community of medical professionals, consultants, and researchers united by a commitment to offering value. Our physicians apply scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to diagnose and treat health complications and illnesses. Our physician members lead the profession in education, standard-setting, and the sharing of knowledge to advance the science and practice of internal medicine.

Our activities cut across several aspects of health and medicine. We prioritise quality information and excellence in our service offering. You can click here to know more about us.

We Stand For

In everything we do at the College of Physicians, we believe in maintaining an unwavering level of quality. This is demonstrated in all the critical areas of Knowledge, Research, and Community Engagement.

to Knowledge

At the College of Physicians, we are committed to contributing immensely to the available body of knowledge on the various aspects of medical science in which we are involved. More importantly, we have been able to fill the spaces wherever we notice a vacuum in the available amount of knowledge. Our groundbreaking works on the COVID-19 are still one of the most cited by relevant bodies and institutions.


One of our most notable hallmarks at the College of Physicians is our commitment to breaking new grounds in medical research, which results in solutions geared towards achieving better health outcomes in our communities. To achieve this, we do have to build relationships with resource persons and institutions across borders and across disciplines.

With this, it is assured that our research works have some of the highest quality standards achievable in medical science.

These multilateral and multi-disciplinary relationships have many times blossomed into partnerships where we collaborate with seasoned individual and corporate entities as well as government bodies to tackle some of the most significant challenges relating to health and medicine.

Our research work, geared towards finding connections between vaccines and autism in children, received many favourable reviews from industry experts.


Internally, we have one of the most robust communities of persons spanning different areas of medical and health science. As such, an atmosphere of collaboration and never-ending exchange of brilliant ideas continues to prevail.

In furtherance of this, we regularly organise some of the most anticipated events in medicine every year. Our flagship annual ACP Internal Medicine Meeting is one of the most anticipated conferences in the field of internal medicine year after year.

On the outside, we have made it a point of duty to closely engage with both the immediate and non-immediate community in which we operate. For one, we are very much integrated with the medical community, which is our home. Countless numbers of practitioners, researchers and consultants have honed their expertise through their involvement and interaction with the College of Physicians.

We also have built close relationships with the university community, especially with students in medical fields. Through the ACP membership, students can get to explore careers in internal medicine, and have access to an array of career-enhancing services. These include educational and career counselling as well as access to ACP publications. Furthermore, they get to be part of a community where they can interact with like-minded persons and embark on joint projects and volunteering efforts.

With the broader society, we do engage in various medical volunteering campaigns. We as well regularly publish explanatory and educative works for the benefits of the general community.

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